Account Recovery, Inc.



Account Recovery, Inc. was founded on January 28, 1976.  We are a full service collection agency offering local and nationwide collections.  Account Recovery, Inc. produces results of TWICE the national average recovery rates!

Our Vision 

To provide the highest collection ratio and retain the client/customer relationship for our clients.

Our Service offers:

We are in business to assist clients in increasing their profitability by using innovative collection procedures.  

~ If there is no collection, there is no charge to you! ~

We are the premier leader of technology and innovations in the Midwest when it comes to collections.  Experience, sophisticated technology, secured website, specialized software, and professional staff are the key reasons that we are a leader in the collection industry throughout the United States.

Outstanding collection history illustrates the commitment given to clients over the past thirty years.  Transmitting new accounts and payment postings are just a click away on our user-friendly secured website.  Utilizing the dynamic secured and encrypted website allows clients to transmit and receive files in seconds.  Our professional staff can begin working on recovery immediately.

Our Service

We offer all clients the following as a FREE package service:

  • Client Acknowledgement
  • Website Acknowledgement
  • Website Payment Report
  • Settlement Report
  • Client Inventory
  • Stair Step Report
  • Status report
  • Cancellation Report
  • Credit Bureau Reporting (optional)


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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